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Meeting Rooms

The Berkshire Athenaeum has two Meeting Rooms:

The Auditorium is located on the basement level of the Athenaeum, and may be divided into two spaces with a movable partition. The largest space (Auditorium East) measures 48' wide by 44' long, and the smaller end (Auditorium West) measures 40' wide by 24' long. There is a raised stage at the east end of the auditorium that measures 30' wide by 15' deep. The auditorium has movable seating for approximately 175,

The Athenaeum Room is located on the balcony level of the library and measures 32' long by 16' wide. There are eighteen chairs around the perimeter of two large tables grouped in the center of the room. The room can accommodate 25 attendees.

For further details about these spaces, see the Meeting Room Policy & Procedures. To book a room, contact the Library Administrative Office at 499 9480 x102 or

Meeting Room Policy & Procedures

License Agreement to Use the Berkshire Athenaeum

Release/Hold Harmless Agreement

This page updated October 2018.